How to choose my first coffee maker?

How to choose my first coffee maker?

The journey into specialty coffee can seem a bit daunting at first but I assure you, pushing past that first bit of apprehension and getting started on your Per’La Coffee journey will be well worth it.

We at Per’La have you covered on the freshly roasted, specialty coffee side of things but how do you choose your first coffee maker?

I generally like to recommend a coffee maker that has a relatively low price point, is easy to clean, requires few complimentary accessories, and, ultimately, makes a great cup of coffee.

A great French Press is, for me, the perfect first coffee maker.  There are many manufacturers of French Presses out there but I tend to recommend Bodum as they provide a great combination of quality, colors, and sizes.  Bodum also runs specials from time to time and creates nice bundles that combine a French Press along with a grinder and hot water kettle?

If you’re not looking to purchase a grinder or a kettle just yet, then we also have you covered!  Choose French Press grind at checkout and we can grind your freshly roasted coffee to the precise coarseness for the optimal extraction.  Also, if you don’t have a kettle handy you can boil water, remove the water from the heat source for a minute, then use that water to brew your coffee. 

After you choose your first coffee maker we recommend getting started with our Dark Roast, Colombia, or El Salvador coffees as good starting points for new coffee drinkers getting started on their coffee journey.

Still have questions about how to choose your first coffee maker?  Send us a message and we will promptly point you in the right direction.  Enjoy!

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