Some Great Tips for Coffee Bean Storage at Home

Some Great Tips for Coffee Bean Storage at Home

We get the question about storing Per’La coffee all the time, so we wanted to share some quick tips to keep things fresh.  Our roast-to-order model gets beans from our roaster to your door as quickly as possible to maximize flavor, aroma, and overall coffee drinking experience.


To store your coffee properly, follow these steps:


  1. Choose the Right Container- We recommend that you keep your coffee in the bag that it came in, but you can also use an airtight container made of an opaque substance to reduce the coffee exposure to sunlight. Avoid plastic containers as they can retain odors.


  1. Keep Away from Air - Oxygen is coffee's biggest enemy. Fold the bag down tightly or use an airtight container to minimize air exposure.


  1. Avoid Moisture - Moisture can cause coffee to spoil quickly, because of this we recommend that you don't store your coffee in the fridge or freezer, as condensation can form due to the temperature changes.


  1. Protect from Sun Light - Store your coffee in a dark place, like a cupboard, or use an opaque container to prevent light from affecting your coffee's quality.


  1. Maintain Cool Temperature - Store coffee at room temperature as extreme heat or cold can degrade the coffee's flavor.


  1. Don't Freeze Coffee - Freezing your coffee can cause moisture to build up and damage the coffee. If you must freeze, divide your coffee into small portions and use airtight containers.


  1. Buy Whole Beans - Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer. Grind only what you need just before you brew.


  1. Consume within 3 Weeks - For the best cup, use your coffee within three weeks of the roasted-on date.


Remember, coffee starts losing its freshness as soon as it's roasted, so it’s best to buy smaller amounts frequently.


Each coffee typically has its own “sweet spot” depending on the coffee bean’s density, roast level, etc.  If you have further questions, shoot us a note!

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