The Art of Coffee Pairing: Elevating Your Coffee Experience

The Art of Coffee Pairing: Elevating Your Coffee Experience

Of course, coffee tastes delicious on its own, but we all go through those times when we want to pair a delicious beverage with something that enhances the experience. Here are five great pairings with your daily coffee:

  1. Pastries - A doughnut, croissant, danish, muffin, or scone are all traditional pairings that go great with both black coffee and coffee with milk.

  2. Savory snacks - Omelettes, bacon, and quiche make great pairings, especially during breakfast time. I tend to gravitate more toward fruitier coffees with this pairing.

  3. Ice cream - If you haven’t already, an Affogato should definitely be on your list if you are both a coffee and ice cream lover. The harmonious combination of vanilla ice cream and espresso is a perfect pairing.

  4. Beer and wine - Some of our tastings that we have conducted have paired different beers and wines with different coffees. Each beer type and wine varietal brings a different flavor profile, very similar to what you experience with coffee.

  5. Cheese - This is typically a tasting experience that initially throws people for a bit of a loop, but once people begin experimenting with different cheese types and coffees, the fun really begins.

Outside of the functional aspect of coffee, the coffee-drinking experience should be one with elements of exploration involved. I encourage you to try something unique and different with your normal coffee routine. You may just come up with a pairing that you can’t live without!

As always, please contact us for any questions or pairing suggestions that you may have!

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