Tips for brewing coffee at home

Tips for brewing coffee at home

Five Tips for Brewing Coffee at Home

If you’re like me when I was in the early stages of my coffee journey, you may have noticed that the coffee you brew at home doesn’t quite stack up to the barista-quality experience that you get in a café. Luckily, with the advancement and brewing technology, equipment, and techniques you can begin to integrate a few things that get your homebrewing up to the level it needs to be. 

1. Choose freshly- roasted, specialty-grade coffee. I may be a little biased, but choosing freshly roasted, specialty coffee is the first step to improving your home brewing. Most coffee that you find on the store shelf is several months old, and therefore lacks the aroma and flavor that you will get with a freshly roasted option. We at Per’La roast, pack, and ship the same day to ensure the absolute maximum freshness for the coffee you brew at home.

2. Choose a high-quality brewer. From espresso to drip coffee, there are cheap, low-quality options everywhere. The great thing is there are several brewing options that can deliver a coffee shop experience at a slightly higher price point than the low-quality alternative. Brands like Breville and Moccamaster deliver high-quality, aesthetically pleasing equipment and brew delicious coffee.

3. Grind your beans just before brewing. Once coffee is ground the flavor and aroma deterioration really begins to become noticeable. By grinding your whole beans just before you brew them, you will be maximizing those inherently delicious flavors with your homebrewing set up.  Choose a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder for best results.

4. Store your coffee and a cool, dry place. While there is ongoing debate on if you should store your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer, we recommend keeping your beans in a cool, dark place away from humidity and temperature fluctuations. A brand like Atmos makes great canister options for coffee Storage.

5. Use a scale to ensure your coffee to water ratios are on point. You may already have a scale in your kitchen, and if you do not, there are some great, inexpensive options. Once you determine what specific brew method you will be using, make sure you follow the proper coffee to water ratios for the brew method.  I am a big fan of the Tally Pro Precision Scale which helps you to nail the exact coffee to water ratio.

As you can see, making small alterations to your home brewing set up storage roasted coffee can lead to big advancements on the enjoyment of the coffee that you brew at home. Please know you can contact us for further guidance on ways you can bolster your home brewing practices.

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