Africa Flight - Bundle

Explore the Coffee World with Africa Flight

Africa Flight isn't just a cup of coffee; it's a journey to the origins, a sensory experience that transports you to the rich and diverse lands of the African continent. With three distinct varieties, each cup tells a unique story and reveals the local communities' passion for coffee.

*All coffees are full-sized 12 oz bags.

  1. Kenya Mwiria Embu: A Light African Flight

    • Roast Level: Light
    • Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Black Currant, Cherry
    • About the Coffee: Positioned strategically in Kenya's major coffee growing zone, Mwiria factory, with its 1080 members, focuses on sustainability and increased coffee production through farmer training and sustainable agricultural practices.
  2. Ethiopia Sidamo Durato Bombe: A Natural African Journey

    • Roast Level: Light
    • Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Plum, Blueberry
    • About the Coffee: Established in 2006 by brothers Asefa & Mulugeta Dukamo, Daye Bensa Coffee sources its Durato Bombe from 626 farmers. Meticulous processing at the Qunqna mill results in a fruity and complex flavor profile.
  3. Ethiopia Bombe Village: A Washed African Destination

    • Roast Level: Light
    • Tasting Notes: Peach, Green Apple, Strawberry
    • About the Coffee: Sourced from approximately 500 small specialty coffee farms, this coffee from Bombe Village, Ethiopia, is meticulously grown and delivered to the Abore washing station in Bensa, Ethiopia, where tradition and history intertwine with every bean.
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