Ethiopia Durato Bombe

Ethiopia Sidamo Durato Bombe

Roast Level: Light

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Plum, Blueberry

Farm: Durato Bombe

Region: Sidama Zone, Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2,050 – 2,150 MASL

Species: 100% Arabica

Varietals: Ethiopian Heirloom

***2022 Good Food Award Finalist***

About the Coffee: In 2006 Daye Bensa Coffee was established by two brothers - Asefa & Mulugeta Dukamo who have been working within the Sidama region in coffee. They operate 16 washing stations and 4 dry mills within Sidama. The Durato Bombe is collected from 626 farmers in Durato of Bombe Kebele (village) in the Bensa Woreda (district) of the Sidama zone. The village shares it's name with the mountain of Bombe on which the coffee grows. Meticulous processing occurs at the Qunqna mill where it is sun dried as whole cherry for 10-15 days creating a fruit-forward and complex flavor profile.

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Customer Reviews

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Not my favorite.

Everything It's Cracked Up To Be

This is my favorite bean from the specialty roasters I've tried so far. It's super clean, crisp and fruity. In fact I got some for a friend and they couldn't believe just how fruity it was!

A definite recommend.

Dynamite Ethiopian Natural!

A fine example of a well roasted Ethiopian natural! The rich blueberry and lingering white wine finish have me craving this cup every morning and afternoon! Brewed with a Kalita pourover.

Jose Valera
Great as an espresso

Once I got the brewing specs right this was so delicious as an espresso. Super fruity on the finish.

Kyle Evans
Good Food Awards Finalist, OBVIOUSLY!

I usually shy away from naturally processed coffees, but this one was perfect for me! It did not have any fermented fruit that sometimes come from natural processed coffees. This coffee was clean, delicate and floral, but still maintained a nice full body that you come to expect with a natural.

I would say the best part of this coffee, for me, were the florals that remained through the entire cup.

I would recommend this to anyone, especially as an entry point to a more adventurous coffee experience!