South America Flight - Bundle

 Embark on a Coffee Journey with South America Flights

South America Flights offers more than coffee; it's a voyage to the heart of coffee excellence. With distinct varieties, each cup narrates a tale of artistry and dedication from the remote regions of Colombia and the renowned Cerrado Mineiro in Brazil.

*All coffees are full-sized 12 oz bags.

  1. Colombia Artisan Craftsmanship

    • Roast Level: Medium
    • Tasting Notes: Orange, Caramel, Milk Chocolate
    • About the Coffee: Coffee farming in this remote South Huila region is an art passed through generations. The family, assisted by neighbors, manually harvests ripe cherries, depulping them and using the pulp as natural fertilizer. The wet process removes mucilage, and sun drying follows on patios or specially designed roofs. The producers, adhering to strict quality standards, deliver Cup of Excellence-worthy coffees, carefully selected to meet San Agustin's quality benchmarks.
  2. Brazilian Harmony in Cerrado

    • Roast Level: Medium
    • Tasting Notes: Roasted Almonds, Caramel, Dark Chocolate
    • About the Coffee: A collaborative effort from three farmers—Mauro Galheri, Zelinda Lazara Zanetoni Piovezan, and Eneas Ferreira de Aguiar Neto—this coffee hails from the Cerrado Mineiro Region of Brazil. With well-defined seasons, varying altitudes, and adherence to quality standards guaranteed by the Cerrado Mineiro Region - D.O. Regulatory Board, this coffee offers a unique identity. Carefully selected, sorted, and classified, this coffee embodies the essence of Brazilian coffee excellence.


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