Affogato Love

Affogato Love

 Indulge in Simplicity: Perfect Affogato Recipe

Escape to the delightful world of Italian indulgence with our simple yet luxurious Affogato recipe. This classic dessert-meets-coffee treat is a perfect harmony of a rich shot of coffee and velvety vanilla ice cream from Cry Baby. Let's dive into the effortless steps to elevate your coffee experience.


1 shot of our Light Roast.

House Vanilla ice cream from Cry Baby


Brew a shot of your preferred Perla coffee using your espresso machine.

Scoop a generous serving of Cry Baby's House Vanilla ice cream into a stylish glass or cup.

While the coffee shot is still warm, pour it over the ice cream. The magic begins as the hot coffee blends with the cold, creamy goodness of the vanilla ice cream.

Allow the coffee to cascade over the ice cream, creating a delightful fusion of flavors and temperatures.

Take a moment to appreciate the simplicity of this exquisite treat before indulging in each spoonful.

There you have it – a quick and uncomplicated recipe for a heavenly Affogato. Elevate your coffee break with this delightful fusion of coffee and ice cream. Enjoy!

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