Creating a Coffee Experience in the Office

Creating a Coffee Experience in the Office

For a place where most people spend over 40 hours a week, the office setting typically leaves a lot to be desired in terms of a coffee setup. Depending on the type of office you work in, you may experience a fully stocked coffee bar, or you may have nothing provided at all.

Here are a few ways to enhance your coffee experience in the office:

  1. Contact an office coffee service provider. Depending on the coffee-related perks in your office and the associated budget, reaching out to an office coffee provider may be the best solution for obtaining a high-end coffee brewing setup along with other amenities. We work with several providers of this service, and each of them uses our freshly roasted coffees for their customers.

  2. Bring your own single-serving brewers. Aeropress, French Press, or even a single-cup drip coffee brewer are all great options for brewing at the office without taking up too much space. If hot water is hard to come by, consider adding a small electric kettle.

  3. Pool your money for an office setup. Coffee and break time go hand-in-hand for building connections in the workplace. We have some customers who order for their offices and share unique and interesting coffees with their friends. This can also be taken a step further with shared brewing equipment.

  4. Don’t forget about RTD (Ready to Drink). Recent advances in coffee technologies have opened the door for ready-to-drink options that require no brewing equipment. This allows for a wide range of choices, from black coffee to flavored lattes.

Setting up a coffee station in the office can be a great way to build camaraderie with your coworkers. Seek out those people who love specialty coffee as much as you do and add some variety to your day!

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