Current Trends in B2B Coffee Services

Current Trends in B2B Coffee Services

Over the past eight years, we have had the distinct opportunity to observe interesting trends that have come and gone. When we first launched Per’La, nitro cold brew was all the rage and has since died down, and in most cases, disappeared completely. We see ourselves as a specialty, roast-to-order production house, being on the forefront of the most sustainable trend, which is specialty coffee in general.

Here are some additional trends that we are seeing in the hospitality industry with coffee:

  • Roasted-to-order, specialty coffee sourcing: The days of coffee being roasted, packed, and traveling over 6 to 12 months to its final brewing location are over. Customers consistently ask questions about how coffee is sourced, roasted, and prepared.
  • Customization and personalization: Hospitality operations are looking to create even more memorable experiences for their guests. A customized blend is a unique way to personalize a beverage program and move away from the generic options that large, multinational operations produce.
  • Coffee cocktails and mocktails: The fusion of specialty coffee and mixology was bound to happen, and the resurgence of the espresso martini is evidence of this partnership. Mocktails are an easy way to add variety to any coffee shop menu.
  • Coffee education and events: Telling the sourcing and roasting story of coffee is a great way to educate customers on sourcing practices and explain why the experience you offer is different. Fortunately, coffee offers ample opportunities for education as the general knowledge base is fairly low.
  • Social media-friendly beverages: On the surface, coffee doesn’t always photograph as nicely as some other culinary options, but with the addition of latte art, garnishes, and other interesting elements, that boring cup of coffee can motivate new customers to break their coffee habit and visit your shop.

Interested in hearing more about the coffee trends we are seeing on a day-to-day basis? Contact us and let us help you create a trendy but sustainable coffee program for your venue.

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