Valentine's Day Latte: A Cupid's Arrow Creation

Valentine's Day Latte: A Cupid's Arrow Creation

Celebrate love with a touch of artistry in your cup! Our Valentine's Day Latte, crafted with the exclusive Cupid's Arrow blend, promises a delightful blend of flavors and a visual treat. Follow these simple steps to create a latte masterpiece perfect for the season of love.


Cupid's Arrow Blend

Whole milk or your preferred plant-based alternative

Edible red/pink gel coloring


Brew a shot of Cupid's Arrow espresso using your preferred method.

Before frothing the milk, add a small amount of edible gel coloring to achieve a lovely pink hue.

Froth the milk using your espresso machine until you achieve a velvety, pink foam.

Pour out a small amount of the liquid part of the milk, leaving room for the foam.

Using a spoon, carefully spoon the frothy, pink milk on top, leaving space to create a flower design with the edible gel.

With the edible gel, create a spiral pattern on the foam.

Using a special tool for latte art or a toothpick, draw lines from the center outward to create the shape of a flower.

Once your masterpiece is complete, savor the love-infused flavors of your Valentine's Day Latte.

Enjoy this delightful and visually appealing coffee creation that's perfect for sharing with your loved ones. Happy Valentine's Day!

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