What is Espresso?

What is Espresso?

In short: Espresso is a coffee brewing method. While there is a common misconception that espresso is a specific type of coffee bean, the truth is that an espresso shot can be made using any origin of coffee, at any roast level.


But what makes it different from the other ways we enjoy our coffee? This tiny beverage weighs only around 2 ounces of liquid weight but packs as much caffeine as a full cup of coffee, and here's how; Espresso is made when water is forced through a small, tightly packed bed of finely ground coffee with incredible pressure - 9 bars in total which equates to roughly 130 pounds per square inch!


The coffee must be ground very finely for this process to extract the fullest flavors, and tastes great by itself if you want to enjoy extra bold flavor notes. The tasty adaptability of this beverage when mixed with milk, water, or even alcohol is what lends to its popularity in the coffee community at large making it a longstanding favorite that can be found in any coffee shop anywhere in the world. 


Our recommendation is our Espresso Fino blend which brings coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, and Sumatra together to produce an espresso shot that tastes great on its own and even better with milk!

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