What is Specialty Coffee?

What is Specialty Coffee?

When engaging with both new and experienced coffee drinkers, we often encounter a straightforward question: What is specialty coffee? In previous blog posts, I've mentioned that our primary competition at Per'La comes from large multinational coffee brands that aim to consistently produce a mediocre product, inadvertently roasting away the very essence that gives coffee its vibrancy - something we actively seek in every coffee we directly source.

Here are some key elements that define specialty coffee:

  1. Specialty coffee's quality is inherently tied to the beans originating from the farm. As roasters, we can't enhance the beans beyond their natural quality, which underscores the significance of our direct sourcing and on-farm relationships. These relationships enable us to establish traceability, ensuring that the coffees we purchase are of superior quality, cultivated under optimal conditions.

  2. When identifying potential farmer partners, we request beans from their harvest that represent the most highly sought-after varietals. Similar to the diverse grape varietals used in fine wines, each coffee varietal contributes its unique characteristics, making each coffee distinct.

  3. Upon receiving samples from the farm, we rigorously evaluate and score the coffees on a 100-point scale. Every coffee in our portfolio scores 85 points or higher, with several even surpassing the 90-point mark.

  4. Each coffee has an ideal roasting profile. After importing a new coffee to our Miami roasting facility, we dedicate several weeks to fine-tuning the roast profile. We also closely monitor how the coffee's flavor evolves in the weeks following roasting to pinpoint the optimal "flavor peak" post-roasting.

  5. Brewing specialty coffee is where all the hard work culminates. When the perfect combination of specialty beans, expert roasting, and precise brewing is achieved, the magic of coffee comes to life!

You can have confidence in the knowledge that every coffee within the Per'La portfolio is of specialty grade. If you have further questions regarding direct sourcing, roasting, or brewing, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Additionally, if you're a hospitality establishment seeking to introduce specialty coffee to your hotel, restaurant, or coffee shop, please complete our wholesale inquiry form to schedule a formal tasting.

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