Whole beans vs ground Coffee?

Whole beans vs ground Coffee?

When purchasing coffee it’s all about freshness. You will want to find a bag of coffee with a prominent roast date, this means that the roaster emphasizes freshness and quality.
The next step is keeping that coffee fresh. With that said, Whole bean coffee has a longer shelf than pre-ground coffee because the oxidation process happens slower due to its larger particle size.
 Although Pre-ground coffee can be convenient, it’s usually just one grind size, drip coffee, that’s available.  This grind size is not suitable for all brewing methods. So if you use it in a french press it will give you an over-extracted cup and if you use it as an espresso it will give you and under-extracted cup. 
So purchasing whole bean coffee and grinding it as needed gives you a fresher coffee and more control over the grind size to suit your brewing method. 
If you don’t have a grinder, you can select the brewing method you’ll be using under the grind category on our website and we will grind it specifically for the method you’ll be using. This will ensure that you get a proper extraction and the best possible cup of coffee. 
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