Looking to sweeten up your coffee without sugar?  Take a look at these alternatives!

Looking to sweeten up your coffee without sugar? Take a look at these alternatives!

We at Per'La love to drink our coffee in its most natural state – black!  Whether its as an espresso, drip coffee, or cold brew, we love to taste all the inherently delicious flavors that come with each coffee.  However, we also know that the average coffee drinker likes to dress their coffee up a little bit more, most commonly with milk and sugar. 

We recommend you try your coffee before you sweeten it.  Many of our customers tell us that they use less sweetener with Per’La compared to their commercially roasted coffee.

Here are some of our favorite non-sugar coffee sweeteners:

Maple syrup – The pairing of the the flavors of the maple syrup combined with the dark chocolate and nut notes of the coffee is such a delicious combination. We are big fans of the maple syrup latte using our Espresso Fino blend.

Local Raw Honey – Take a trip to your local farmer’s market to sample some of the different honey offerings and find the one that pairs best with your favorite Per’La coffee.  We are big fans of our local orange blossom honey paired with our single-origin Colombia coffee.

Monk Fruit Extract – This one isn’t as readily available as some other sweeteners, but this natural sweetener derived from the monk fruit contains no calories and carries a flavor similar to sugar.

Agave Nectar - Although it contains natural sugars, agave nectar is often used as a sweetener alternative due to its lower glycemic index compared to regular sugar.

Specialty coffee should be a delightful experience for the senses! Give some of these options a shot and let us know your favorites!

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