I'm New to Specialty Coffee, Where do I Begin?

I'm New to Specialty Coffee, Where do I Begin?

I’m new to Per’La Specialty Roasters and/or specialty coffee, where do I begin?

I love getting this question as it allows me an opportunity to guide a new coffee drinker into the amazing world of specialty coffee.

If you’re an espresso drinker, we highly recommend our Espresso Fino blend which is a blend of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, and Sumatra.  We roast each of the beans separately based on their origin to hit on the precise “sweet spot” for maximum flavor and aroma.  Our Espresso Fino blend goes great with milk which makes a great latte, cappuccino, or cortado.

If you’re looking for a great drip coffee, I have a few recommendations.  Our Dark Roast blend is our most popular among our high-end hotel and restaurant customers and has a great backbone to hold up to both cream and sugar.  That particular blend combines coffees from Colombia, Sumatra, and Brazil.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous with your drip, pour over, or French press brewing, our single origin selections from Brazil or Colombia make great starting points and bring familiar tasting notes while introducing new flavors and aromas that really open your eyes to what coffees can taste like.  Both coffees can hold up to a bit of milk and sugar but don’t have the same backbone as our Dark Roast blend brings.

Our rarest and most complex coffees come Ethiopia and Kenya and are very fruit-forward.  These coffees are very delicate and best enjoyed black. 

Have any additional questions?  Shoot us a note and we’ll happily guide you through the buying process.

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