Per’La Approved: Our Top 5 Home Brewing Methods

Per’La Approved: Our Top 5 Home Brewing Methods

By Andy Cheli and Chris Nolte

Looking to improve your home coffee setup? Any of the brewers on this list would be a great place to start! These coffee brewers all offer a slightly different take on your daily coffee routine. Choose which best suits your preferences!


Before we get started – make note of the grind size for each brewing method and make sure your water temperature is just off boil.


  1. French Press (Coarse Grind)

Pros: A classic brewing method.  Easy to learn and equally forgiving. Setup and cleanup are easy.  Produces a heavy body and rich flavors

Per’La Portfolio Recommendation: El Salvador Finca La Reforma - sweet berry flavors hit with a milk chocolate finish that lingers on the tongue.


  1. Aeropress (Medium-Fine Grind)

Pros: Brews using both water immersion and pressure. Paper filter leaves a cleaner cup compared to a French Press.  Easy cleanup and travel friendly.

Per’La Portfolio Recommendation: Our Colombia San Agustin is a great option; The sweet orange acidity balances out perfectly with caramel and chocolate smoothness.


  1. Chemex Pour Over (Medium-Coarse Grind)

Pros: The epitome of the coffee making ritual. Allows for brewing experimentation.  Great for medium and lightly roasted coffees. A great excuse to expand your coffee brewing hardwear.

Per’La Portfolio Recommendation: Our Guatemala Huehuetenango MAM tastes great on the Chemex with the stirring cacao boldness comes through just enough with a balance with a milky sweetness and juicy red wine acidity.


  1. Moka Pot (Fine, Espresso Grind)

Pros: Widely available at great price points.  Espresso-like results without the need for a full espresso machine.  All that is needed for brewing is a stove top.

Per’La Portfolio Recommendation: Our Espresso Fino blend combines the flavors of a classic Italian espresso with the new-world complexities of third wave coffee. This blend brings the best of both worlds with dark chocolate boldness and body balanced with bright, raspberry sweetness.


  1. Cold Brew (Very Coarse Grind)

Pros: Very little prep work with high caffeine content yields.  Three-week shelf life while refrigerated.  Brewing vessel + room temperature water + 16 hours + filter = delicious cold brew

Per’La Portfolio Recommendation: Our Cold Brew Blend combines coffees from Guatemala and Brazil and offers a classic and balanced profile. Caramel notes complement the dark chocolate flavors and brightened by a bit of raisin sweetness.

I know my coffee is roasted before I drink it, but what does that even mean?