Per'La Small Batch Roasting vs. Commercial Coffee Roasters

Per'La Small Batch Roasting vs. Commercial Coffee Roasters

What makes Per'La Coffee some of the best and most sought after for both home brewers and wholesale customers?  The answer is all in the details!


Mass-produced coffee is typically produced in large factory roasting operations, often with lower quality commercial grade coffee beans, and is designed to be cost-effective and consistent.  When you’re talking coffee, bigger is hardly ever better. 


Each coffee has its own personality. Coffees from different areas of the world, grown at varying altitudes, with different soil composition all taste differently.  If you want to make all coffees from every corner of the world taste the exact same, you roast it to a level that destroys the inherent nature of each coffee; you roast it very, very darkly.


We at Per’La focus on higher-quality, specialty-grade coffee beans that are given scores above 85 and come from farms that place a heavy emphasis on quality.


After we receive the coffees from their origin countries, we give each bean its own roast profile that we develop from scratch and lock into our computerized coffee roaster.  This ensures the ultimate level of roasting consistency which translates to a more delicious experience for the coffee drinker.


Why does Per’La taste better than the mass-produced options? Our coffees provide a more distinct and refined coffee experience compared to the more standardized nature of typical grocery store coffee. Additionally, our coffee portfolio is sourced directly from specific regions and coffee farmers that we know personally.


What is the result to you, the coffee drinker?  A coffee experience that is sure to shift your paradigm of what the best coffee should be.

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