The 5 Most Important Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

The 5 Most Important Coffee Machine Maintenance Tips

Finding great coffee beans is an important first step in brewing excellent coffee, but an underappreciated element of the coffee brewing process is having high-quality equipment to ensure proper brewing. Just like a car, your coffee equipment, whether in a home or commercial setting, requires general upkeep and maintenance for the best possible product. Here are five tips to keep your coffee equipment running smoothly:

  1. Choose filtered water - Whether you’re using a drip coffee brewer or an espresso machine, filtered water free of contaminants will not only keep your machine running better, but it will also produce a delicious cup of coffee. If you have been using unfiltered water in the past, your coffee machine may require descaling to remove mineral deposit buildup.

  2. Clean the brew baskets - Making sure the porta filter or drip coffee brew basket is clean between uses is critical since old coffee and coffee buildup tend to produce off-putting flavors. For extreme buildup, consider using a product like Cafiza.

  3. Don’t forget to clean the brewing vessels - Airpots are particularly prone to developing coffee buildup over time. Make sure that the insides of the brewing vessels are clean and free of residue.

  4. Run a cleaning cycle - Some machines are equipped with a pre-programmed cleaning cycle. Take a look at your equipment’s manual and run a cleaning cycle with a frequency that matches the amount of coffee brewing that takes place.

  5. Check seals and gaskets - Over time, the internal seals and gaskets, typically made of rubber, break down, which can create brewing quality issues. If you notice your machine is leaking or you can see visual damage, then a change of gasket or seal may be needed.

An important note about coffee-related maintenance is that there are typically many resources available on sites like YouTube. As always, if you have any questions about machine-related maintenance, please let us know, and we can point you in the right direction.

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